Facebook (Page) Insights Dashboard with Tableau

Here is an attempt at creating a Facebook Insights dashboard using Tableau. The objective of creating this dashboard was to help the content creator with scheduling the content.  To accomplish this, I simply used the ‘Page level’ data exported from one of my experimental Facebook pages’ insights. (You can access the insights dashboard for your pages here.)

The dashboard gives an insight into which day of the week works best for the page. You can click on different weekdays to monitor the performance of your content strategy on those days. As an extension to this dashboard, I now want to try to blend the ‘Post Level’ data and get better insight into ‘what type of posts work best for the brand’ on top of ‘what days of the week work better’. Also, if you have access to the demographic data (what I call ‘People level’ data), you can dig deeper into metrics like ‘engagement’ and ‘reach’ for each post based on more meaningful segments like country, age and gender.

Dashboard 1

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Facebook Analytics – NetVizz and Gephi

Ever wondered how your Facebook Friend-list would look like visually? Who is connected to whom? What are the things they ‘like’ in common?  Or if you are running a business, have you ever been thinking hard about your social media strategy?

If your answer is yes to any of this question, here is a post you would be interested in!

These are the two things you would want to have while going through this blog : A Facebook Profile (!!) and a tool called Gephi.

Gephi is tool for data visualization and I am already a fan of this tool.

Get Gephi

We will go through it’s working shortly.

Now you have got a Facebook profile and a data analysis/visualization tool. The question is how would get the dataset for analysis. How would you get the information about your friends or the members in your group?

So, here is the point when a great (yet very simple) Facebook application is introduced : NetVizz.

Search for ‘NetVizz’ on Facebook and you’ll find an application.

What you can do with it?

Get dataset of:

1. Your personal network

2. Your ‘Like’ network

3. Your group network


(Click to enlarge)

Now it’s time to visualize some data!

To make the visualization interesting, I chose “Networked Life” group (which is a group consisting people who is taking that class on Coursera). The group has 365 people (read: nodes) and they all are from different background and countries. So it would be interesting play with its dataset.

Once you select one Facebook group (a network), Netvizz will start doing its job. The process would take few minutes to several minutes depending on the number of people in the group (size of the network). Once Netvizz is done, download the gephi file (illustrated in the pic).

Here is a video that would help you going through all what Gephi can do.

I hope you enjoy looking at your Facebook Network with a different perspective and come up with interesting analysis!

Below is the video you’d like to see  and understand The ‘Like’ Economy!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/39256468]
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