Microsoft Excel Add-in: GeoFlow… and Data Visualization

In October 2012, I wrote a blog post on how to use Google Fusion table for Data Visualization. The data used in the example is from my Facebook Page Librans when the page fan count had reached number 100. The visualization (in mentioned blog) portrays how those 100 Librans are placed on World map with the help of Google Fusion Table.

A few weeks back, the page reached number 200 and I was thinking how else can I place those fans on global map, if I don’t use Google Fusion Table. That was essentially the time when Microsoft launched an Excel Add-in, GeoFlow (with other new features like one more Excel add-in Data Explorer) in PASS Business Analytics Conference 2013.

Here is what I was able to do with GeoFlow

(Fundamentally, GeoFlow let me create a virtual journey through all the countries ‘Librans’ on my Facebook page are from. Later, I recorded a video of it to make the journey presentable on social platforms.)

On visualization front, you can try different themes to change the way globe looks; you can change the way your data points look; you can also change the speed at which the globe rotates.

GeoFlow can prove to be useful when you have data that can be sliced based on location.

I would be glad to discuss other use cases or domains GeoFlow can be used in. Please feel free to share your thoughts.

Download GeoFlow here.


PASS Business Analytics Conference Keynote Day #1

Really interesting perspective on BI with the powerpoint example- yes, it ultimately boils down to simplifying the knowledge. Thank you for introducing two new tools to your data enthusiast readers like me- Data Explorer and Geo Flow. Looking forward to learn more through your series of blogs on PASS Business Analytics Conf. ’13 this week!

Paras Doshi - Blog

In this post, I’ll summarize the PASS Business Analytics Conference’s Keynote Day #1:

The structure of the Keynote:

PASSt Business Analytics Conference

One of the NEW challenges that Data Pros face today is complexity involved in building a BI solution. Following slides nicely represent the challenge from the Tools standpoint:

pass business analytics conference keynote hadoop

Image Courtesy:

Microsoft’s Goal is to SIMPLIFY the above situation

NEW Tools:

> Data Explorer (Excel add-in)

> Power View in Excel 2013

> Geo Flow

Key Take away from the demo’s was:

Power View is a great tool that you could use to extract insights from data.

E.g. Insights about Music Charts from Germany:

Now combine the power of Power View…

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When Google comes to rescue!

This morning, I was working on a web analytics report  and badly needed Power view to help me deal with the data (mainly to visualize it!). Just when I opened the super powerful excel ’13 I realized my Office ’13 license has expired; I started thinking what shall I do?

Here is what helped me:

analytics google spreadsheet

I exported the Google Analytics data as Google Spreadsheet and inserted a chart for the required data columns

analytics insert chart

Voila! Mission accomplished!


analytics pivot table


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