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16 Responses to Brand New Excel Add-in: Data Explorer (And How to: Social Media Analytics)

  1. sairakesh says:

    informative read…

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  3. gleedan says:

    For me, this is not how informative I was getting for this post of Mr. Parth. The important I have get is the knowledge for the add-ons of excel. That was really amazing.

  4. 8G says:

    can you Query multiple Fans and append only new posts with some automated scripts?

    • Yes, it is possible to query multiple fans. And I do not believe you can append only new posts with some automated scripts, however you can refresh the query with a single click and download all the updated data with new posts.

  5. Dave says:

    Thank you so much! Can’t wait to give this a go! could save us thousands in social tools!

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  7. Martin says:

    Hi, I’ve been doing this for a couple of months, and all of the sudden the company’s profile I’m doing this for is giving me a limit size=1000 error. Have you got this sometime? did you fix it? really appreciate if you can help. THanks!!

    • Hi Martin – yes, I have got that error sometimes, especially when I try to pull ‘feed’ or ‘posts’ from business pages. To tackle this error, I add ‘limit’ and ‘until’ parameter to the query. I should update the blog to throw light on this error and its solution. Thanks.

      • Martin says:

        Thanks for your reply! Meantime, would you share the details, so I can tackle it out myself and deliver the info to the client? Thanks a Lot !!!

      • There… updated! – Let me know if the described solution does not work for you.

      • Martin says:

        Fantastic!! it works like a charm. There is this little matter of the records limit… in my case, is 200… So I think I’ll be doing a little programming, or just copypasting and editing the formula to get what I need (2nd half 2013 from a major bank). but it’s far better than copy/paste the contents from Fb directly, and far more insightful!!!

  8. That’s awesome. Do you know how the same can be done in other spreadsheet softwares such as LibreOffice?

    • Hi Akshita,

      I do not think you can do this with other spreadsheet software such as LibreOffice – mainly because it is not Excel that does it per se, but an Excel Add-in “Power Query” that has this capability.

      *Unless LibreOffice comes up with its own extension that supports Facebook API*

  9. Thanks a lot Parth to share this add-in. One does not now need to totally depend on social media technologies. I did read in comments that its not possible to append new data in existing sheet. Just wanted to check again in case we are able to download more than 1000 comments for a particular date range. Or maybe if we want it for a longer date range with too many updates we have to download in different sheets, right? Any similar add-in for twitter, YouTube, Instagram or other social platforms?

  10. There is one more thing – when you see the data e.g. for Starbucks feed and scroll right to columns Likes and Comments, it shows not value but just Table or null. Any idea on how we can get the values for same.

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