Google Fusion Table & Data Visualization

Few days back, one of my Facebook Page got its 100th like and I could see that the likers  are from all different countries around the world. And I thought wouldn’t it be great if I can put them all on the map?

That was when I got to know the power of Google Fusion Table for Data visualization.

So, this is what I did and I loved the outcome presented by Google!!

1. The page is about the people of sun sign Libra (created with a vision to get all the Librans on Facebook together!!) and due to the openness of the subject the page was built on- it could attract people from different parts of the world.

2. With Facebook insights, I could get the data about people and their respective nationalities.

3. Now it was Google’s turn to show its magic!

3.1 Go to Google Docs, click on ‘Create’ and in the more section go for ‘Fusion Table’

3.2 Select the spreadsheet you want to visualize on map.

> In our case, I just created a spreadsheet with two columns, one for number of people and second for their Country.

3.3 Click on new tab ‘+’ button and select ‘add map’

4. That’s it! Google will do its job and you’ll have all your data about people and their country visualized! It also works on the bases of longitude-latitude! And apart from that, there are many things you can try to make  it look cool. Also, you can share, publish and embed your visualized data!

5. Below is the image of 100 awesome Librans I mapped using this feature! :)

And here’s the link to the map:
Have a great day! And please drop a comment if you too have played with Fusion Table, I’d be very happy to learn new things! :)


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